Insurance Information

Many of our patients have dental insurance. We work closely with each patient to maximize their insurance coverage and, as a courtesy, we will file all claims for services rendered. In cases of routine treatment where your insurance only pays a portion of a procedure(s) (e.g., 80%, 75%, 50%, or not at all), we request that the remaining portion be paid at the time of service. Please note that your insurance coverage amounts are based on good-faith estimates and any actual differences after treatment completion will become payable to our office or credited to your account.

Typically most insurance companies will pay our office directly; however, there are insurance companies that will pay the patient rather than the treating dentist. If your insurance company pays you directly, then it is your responsibility to pay the full balance at the time of service, unless other arrangements have been made. We are happy to help you with any insurance matters that may arise, however, your coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company. You are ultimately responsible for any charges incurred in the office regardless of your insurance coverage.

I would like you to be aware that insurance is a form of payment, not a form of treatment. I study every patient’s conditions thoroughly and make all treatment recommendations based on what is best for you and your dental situation, not what your insurance company will allow. Many insurance companies will not cover certain procedures, including most esthetic treatments (bleaching, veneers, etc) and implants (usually the most ideal treatment in the case of missing teeth). They may also choose to cover certain procedures at a reduced rate (e.g., they will pay less on a tooth-colored filling on a back tooth compared to a silver filling). I encourage you to base your treatment decisions on our discussions and resulting recommendations, as I pride myself in presenting you with the same treatment options that I would consider for myself and my family.

We are happy to continue our in network status with the following insurance companies: Aetna, Cigna, Delta Dental Premier and Anthem 200